Finding Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

It can be difficult for teenage drivers to find cheap car insurance rates. Most of the time car insurance companies see teenage drivers as a higher risk due to their lack of drive time and experience on the road which causes their rates to be more expensive. Here are a few things that you can do to make your young driver’s auto insurance more affordable:

1) One of the best ways for a teenage driver to save on auto insurance is to be on their parent/guardian’s insurance policy rather than being on their own. This could save you $50+ every month on your car insurance premium.

2) Your vehicle is the key. The make and model of your car has a huge effect on the price of your auto insurance, so avoid luxury and sports cars because these will increase your car insurance rates dramatically. Also avoid any cars with modifications such as body kits and sound systems. It is best to go with a car that is 5-7 years old with good safety features.

3) As a young driver it is important to maintain a squeaky clean driving record. Getting a ticket or in to a car accident as a teen driver could cause your car insurance rates to double! If you are a parent, you need to stress the importance of safe driving to your young driver. Having a clean driving record will definitely help your teenage driver lower their insurance rates in the future. The more years you go accident free, more likely you are to find cheap auto insurance.

4) Ask the car insurance company about any auto insurance discounts that they offer for young drivers. The most common auto insurance discount is the good student discount. Typically, insurance companies require you to have a B average or better and will ask you to send proof of your grades (report card, transcript, etc.). This will definitely help lower your rates. If you do not drive much, you may also qualify for the low mileage discount. As a young driver it is important that you ask your insurance provider which discounts you qualify for because it will really help you find the cheapest auto insurance rate.